How To Make Yourself Sick

There are many reasons for wanting to make yourself sick. There are people who get sick all the time. Other people who are healthy try to become sick to get the benefits of the sickness that may include good care from friends and family. Some people want to get sick to take leave from their work. Whatever the reason for a person to think that they should get sick, a person actually getting sick is very difficult. Though difficult, it is not impossible. There are actually many methods of making yourself sick. So this makes you wonder as to how to make yourself sick.

There are many methods of getting yourself sick, but you should not try these things as this can cause major health problems and can be even fatal in some people. Though there are methods of getting sick, it is not advisable to get sick.

The best method to get sick is to stay up all night. This is the best method of getting sick because it really does not harm you like all the other methods of getting sick. At the same time, you do not have to do anything rash to get sick. You can just stay up the whole night doing some work or you can stay up and watch the television. Just watch a movie or two and the whole night is gone without you ever sleeping. The next morning, you will have a sick look on your face. This look will make anyone looking at you realise that you are sick. So this method of becoming sick can make people really think that you are sick with no risk to you.

The next method of getting sick is to become anxious about something. When you become anxious about any thing that has happened in your life, you are sure to look upset and for the person who looks at you, it will seem as if you are sick. Though this is not really risky, it can cause some problems to some people, especially if they have some underlying disease like hypertension or other psychiatric problems.

The next method to make yourself sick is to get drunk. This is not a very advisable thing because when you get drunk, you may get a bad name in the place you work. You may also become really sick as you have drunk beyond the limit. These are the best methods of getting sick.

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