How To Make Stink Bombs

You can make stink bombs from stuff lying at home. Stink bombs are terrible smelling but popular with mischievous school children, especially for playing pranks in class. The more popular and easy stink bombs are made from eggs. There are other ways to make stink bombs which also be discussed later.

To make stink bombs from eggs, poke some toothpicks and or needles in raw eggs, cover it in foil and leave it in sun. The heat from the sun rots the egg, and releases hydrogen sulfide. The longer you leave this in the sun, the more the stink will be. The stink is released when you remove the toothpicks. Beware that this egg is not safe if eaten and should be kept away from children.

Another way to make stink bombs is by using burnt rubber or burnt hair. This can be made by wrapping hair or rubber in paper and secured with rubber bands. When burnt, this releases foul smell. The first method is a safer way to make stink bombs because hair, when burnt releases toxic compounds and smoke.

Stink bombs can also be made from ammonium sulfide, as it has a distinct foul smell. This is however a flammable compound and there are safety issues associated with it. There is yet another way to make stink bombs by mixing valerian root capsules and vinegar. The longer this sits together, the worse the smell will be.

To be safe, make sure you throw stink bombs in open spaces so that the smell can be cleaned up later. Avoid throwing stink bombs near smoke alarms, and never directly on anyone, which might cause rashes. If the stink bombs have to be lit, make sure there are no fire hazards like wooden furniture or paper lying around.

Pranks are fun for some but come with consequences. Make sure that you do not injure or cause bodily harm at the expense of having fun. Also cleaning up stink bombs can be a challenge as the smell can linger on for a long time. Schools can have strict rules about such pranks so be prepared to face the consequences.

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