How To Make Non Alcoholic Margaritas

Non alcoholic margaritas are loved by people around the world. It can be made in many different ways by combining with different kinds of fruits. Non alcoholic strawberry margaritas can be made and similarly Non alcoholic lemon margaritas can be made too. So how to make non alcoholic margaritas? There are many different methods of making these margaritas and the taste will differ with each method. The method depends on the person who is doing the mixing. The basic method of making the non alcoholic margarita remains the same.

The margarita is a drink that originated from Mexico and even today though it is consumed around the world, is most famous in Mexico the country where it originated. It is a drink that is said to have been initially made as a wedding gift to a bride by name Margarita. It can be a fact or inaccurate, but the drink is one of its kind which is refreshing and also gives an energy boost to the one who drinks it.

The essential ingredients that are needed to make Margaritas include the Margarita salt. Lemon, sweet or sour mix and also other things like orange juice are necessary. It would be nice to have ice and also a great looking glass to serve the margarita in so that it looks presentable.

First some people take the lemon and get the juice to just slide over the glass and then dip the glass into the margarita salt so that the salt can stick onto the liquid from the lime juice that is over the glass. Another method of doing this is to freeze the glass as this too will form a thin layer of water on the glass and this will also suffice. Never add salt to the dry glass as this can make the salt fall back into the margarita itself.

The next step is to add the pre made sweet and sour mix into the glass. This sweet and sour mix should be added in the right amount to make it tasty depending on how you like it. Remember not to make it too sour as this can make it unpalatable. Along with this sweet and sour mix, you can also add some ice, lemon soda and lime juice to the glass. You can decorate the glass with a lime too and this is how to make non alcoholic margaritas. You can make a blended margarita if you get the contents blended. If you use the shaker to shake the contents, you get a shaken margarita too.

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