How To Make Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese is a very tasty food that is loved by all people. Many people do not really know that this is what they eat because the Mozzarella cheese is eaten by all people as toppings in the pizzas and various other foods. It is also used in various other foods as the tasty pies and various other foods. Pies and pizzas are nothing without the Mozzarella cheese. People who eat pizzas at home usually think if it is easy to make the Mozzarella cheese. They also wonder as to how to make Mozzarella cheese.

This cheese is very easy to make and can be made at home too. This is very important because you can make the pizzas at home if you know how to make the Mozzarella cheese. In fact you can make many dishes using the Mozzarella cheese. The main ingredient that is used to make the Mozzarella cheese is either buffalo milk or the cow’s milk. The other important things that are required to make the mozzarella cheese are liquid rennet, cold water and also citric acid.

The steps in making the mozzarella cheese includes the mixing of the three tea spoons of the citric acid that is required along with the cool water that is taken in about half of a cup. The mixture of the citric acid and the cold water is now added to the milk. The amount of milk can be anything between 2 gallons to about two and a half gallons. The milk along with the ingredients added to it are warmed to a temperature of about 88 degrees.

After the water is heated to the said temperature, the rennet that has been mixed to about a quarter cup of water is added to the warm milk. When this is on the fire, it is gently stirred to make sure that the temperature is even in the entire dish. The next step is to allow the dish to curdle.

Once the mixture has attained the consistency of curd, the knife is used to cut the curd like substance into smaller pieces. This is then indirectly heated by keeping the container with the curd like slices in a basin with water and that is heated. Simmer this for some time and stir for about twenty minutes.
Once this is done, the excess water is drained off the cheese that is getting ready. Once the water is drained, the remaining solid mass is heated in a microwave container to make it melt to regain uniform consistency. Once this is done, the cheese is cooled in a refrigerator to get the mozzarella cheese ready to eat.

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