How To Make Hummingbird Food

Kids love birds and even adults find watching birds to be a pastime that is full of fun and enjoyment. When it comes to the humming birds, the enjoyment is till more because of the small size of the birds, their vulnerability, their agility and their ability to hover as they drink the sweet nectar from the beautiful flowers. This makes watching the humming birds a favorite relaxation for people of all ages. If you are able to attract the humming birds to your garden, then that would make the time more enjoyable for the whole family. Attracting the birds can be done by making them sweet nectar yourself and feeding them. How to make hummingbird food will be the next question of the bird enthusiasts and here is the answer.

The things that are necessary to make the food for the humming bird are very easily available everywhere and the cost of making the food for the bird is also negligible. This makes the individual wanting to make the food for these birds. In fact the time taken to make this food is also very less. The various things that are required to make the nectar for the birds artificially are a measuring cup, some sugar and some water to add.

The person wanting to make humming bird food has very little work to do as far as making the nectar is concerned. The person has to take one cup of sugar and mix it with about three cups of water and boil the mixture till the sugar gets fully dissolved in the water. The mixture is then cooled and then the nectar is ready. Once the nectar is cooled, it can be kept in places in the garden where the little humming birds frequent. This will make them enjoy the sweet nectar.

Another method of attracting the birds is to get the nectar filled in little feeders that are the right size for the humming birds and keeping them in vantage spots where you are sure the birds will notice them. This will make the birds to enjoy the sweet nectar. Once they enjoy the nectar, they will keep coming back for more.

This is the simplest method of making the nectar for the humming birds. One can prevent the nectar from being drunk by other birds by getting the feeders stuck with some sort of tape so that the other birds are not able to get to these feeders.

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