How To Make Fireworks

Fireworks are very dangerous and making them can be hazardous especially if you are making them at home. So this article just tells you how to make the fireworks, but it should be understood that it can be even fatal if you try making them at home. It is always good to learn new things and it is no harm in learning how to make fireworks if you are careful.

There are different kinds of fireworks and there are also different methods of making these fireworks. Some of the methods of making the fireworks are very simple and there are other fireworks that can be made with more difficult procedures. The first thing that the person who wants to make fireworks needs to know is about the various things that are needed to make the fireworks. Some of the things that are needed are potassium chlorate, aluminum granules, some charcoal, 10 percent dextrin in water solution. Some lighter fluid is also needed to make sure that the sparks start. Baking soda is also needed to make the fireworks.
In the first step to make the fire works, the person has to combine all the dry ingredients in the list already mentioned. Once they are mixed in a plastic container, the next step will involve the adding of the water solution into the dry ingredients. The water solution has dextrin in it which has been mixed already.

The next step that is present in the procedure to make the fire works is the coating of some wooden sticks with the mixture that has been made with both the dry ingredients and also the dextrin solution. What you can do to make the job simple for you is to get the sticks to be submerged in the solution, but you should make sure that you have place to hold the sticks. Once the sticks are dipped into the liquid, you should ensure that they are left out to dry for 6 hours. Once the sticks are dry, you should make the fireworks to start by making the tip of the stick to be lighted.

This will make the sparks fly and your fireworks are ready. This is the simplest method in which the fire works can be made. It must be noted that the fire works are very flammable and when you are preparing various mixtures, you should not have any heat emitting things in the same vicinity.

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