How To Make Catapult

Building replicas of medieval icons can be enjoyable. Many homeschoolers include these activities in lesson plans. Whether the person is studying medieval times or just looking for a fun craft, the person may build want to build a replica of a castle. One such activity may be to build a catapult. Since catapults are not used today, anyone wanting to build one may need to look up information on how to make catapult.

Building a life-size replica would be an impossible or at least undesirable task for many people. It can be done, if the person has the room and supplies to do so. The following instructions are for a tabletop size catapult. It may be fun to consider how someone might go about building a full size catapult, but unless the person wants the catapult for an activity such as “punkin chunkin” in Delaware, a full size catapult is a bit impractical.

For a table or desktop catapult, the person needs a few supplies that may be readily available in the house. A flat piece of wood can be used for the base. This wood doesn’t have to be too big, but should have a little thickness to it for weight and width for stability. A two inch by four inch board would be suitable.

A spring clothespin, large soda cap lid like those from one liter bottles, wood glue, cardboard, and a popsicle stick are needed. If the person does not have these exact supplies, the person can improvise. The only thing that might be difficult to substitute something else for is the clothespin since the spring is needed.

The clothespin should be glued to the center of the board. The person should cut about five strips of cardboard that are approximately two inches long by one inch wide. The cardboard pieces should be glued on top of each other. Once the glue is set, the piece of cardboard should be glued to the top of the clothespin in the section of the clothespin between the spring and the end where one would grasp to open the clothespin.

After the glue sets, one end of the popsicle stick should be glued on the top of the cardboard so that the popsicle stick is pointing away from the closed end of the popsicle stick. The soda cap should be glued to the top of the popsicle stick. The soda cap is to hold the ammunition. By pulling down on the popsicle stick after the glue is dry, the ammo can be fired by letting go.

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