How To Make Bias Binding

Bias binding is known generally as the quilt binding. Bias binding is used to edge curved and straight fabric edges. You can buy premade bias tape from the store but the choice would be limited. Making your own bias tape is relatively easy and combining them together would result in bias binding. You maybe thinking, how to make bias binding? The traditional way to make bias binding would require several bias tapes and sew them together at right angles.

If you do not wish to buy the premade bias tapes from the store due to its lack of choice of design, you can make your own bias tapes. Firstly, choose the fabric with the design of your choice and cut out strips of the fabric that will be used as your bias tape. Mark your cutting lines on the fabric using the chalk pencil or dressmaker’s pen. Before you cut, make sure that you have decided that how you want the finished product to be, the width, the length and whether you want it to be double fold or single fold. The general rule would be if you plan to make a single fold, your strips should be twice as wide as you want your finished product to be and it you plan to make double fold, your strips need to be 4 times as wide as your finished tape.

When you are marking the cutting lines, you must always remember that you are marking for bias tape, therefore your lines should run at 45 degrees angle to the selvage. It is best that you cut enough strips so that when you are sewing them together, there will be an extra length for you to prevent the bias binding to look deformed.

Once you have the bias tapes done, it’s time for you combine them together. Start attaching the strips, choose the right angle and sides together and place one bias over the other and make sure square ends are lined up properly. Stitch the bias tapes diagonally connecting from a corner to another corner in an overlapping sequence. The extra edge, will be the seam, clip of the seam and press it flat and fold the strip in half lengthwise, turn the right side out, and press it with iron and you are done.

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