How To Make A Round Braid

To make a round braid, you have to have long hair. It is nearly impossible to make this hairdo on your own hair, so make sure you have help from somone who can help you divide and hold your hair while weaving.

Start by dividing the hair into four equal sections.
Start weaving the extreme right section, taking it under the middle two sections, then reverse the direction and go over to the right.
The second weave starts from the left most section this time. Follow the same pattern, so weave the left most section towards the right, under the middle sections and then reverse direction, and weave towards the left again.
It is important to secure the braids each time you weave by pulling it tight.
Continue this pattern for the entire length of you hair. It might not be obvious at first but after a while, you will start seeing a round braid.
After you reach the end of the hair, secure it with an elastic band. Make sure there are no loose ends to get a tidy look.

A round braid requires practice and help in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it you can try making it with eight or more strands. The important tips are to comb the hair well in the beginning to remove all the knots. When the hair is divided into sections, use clips to hold them in place. This will ensure a neat appearance at the end.

The other thing to remember is to tighten the hair when weaving. Once completed this hairdo looks very cool and stays in place for hours.

Heavy and course hair is easy to handle when making this hairstyle. For fine hair, it might be a challenge, and you might have to use hairspray to keep it in place.

A round braid can also be made with different materials for other purposes using the same weaving method. Common examples include making a round braid dog leash using a parachute chord. In this case, the cord material has to be preshrunk and must be wet when you start braiding.

Round braids can also be made with any piece of fabric or leather. Clamp four strands of the material at the top and follow the same pattern. A half round braid can be used to make rugs, the braids sewn together to secure the rug at the ends.

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