How To Make A Fake Tattoo

Tattoos are a craze and people of all ages are after tattoos. There are many reasons for people running after tattoos. The reason is that the peer group pressure plays a major role in young children wanting to have tattoos. Older people are after tattoos to make themselves look macho or feminine depending on the type of tattoo and the sex of the person who gets the tattoo. There are many people who really do not want to be tattooed for life, so how to make a fake tattoo is a very important question that these people would like to be answered.

The first step in making a fake tattoo is to get the picture of the tattoo that you want to use. These pictures of tattoos are available in many places including online stores and also various websites. The best method of getting the tattooing done is to select a tattoo that does not have too much detail as it could spoil the actual look of the tattoo.

The next step to do in making a fake tattoo is to get the picture that you want tattooed copied onto a paper and getting it cut in the shape of the picture, but you should remember to leave some space around the picture. This space can be about one inch all around the picture.
The next step in making the fake tattoo is to get the area where you want the tattoo to be put to be sprayed with a sufficient amount of deodorant spray. Then make the traced paper to lie face down over the area where the deodorant was sprayed. This will get the tracing of the image to stay on the skin.

After this is done the person wanting the fake tattoo should take permanent markers and should mark the outline of the tattoo. Once the outline is marked, you can get the colouring done but remember to do it only to half the picture that you are tattooing.

The final step is to get the tattoo appear faded. So the next thing is to get some alcohol sprayed on the tattoo and then use cotton to rub the colour to get the faded look. This is because when the real tattoo is done, it looks faded. When the cotton is used to rub the tattoo, the edges of the fake tattoo may become smudged. To reduce this, you have to redo the lines or edges of the tattoo by using the permanent marker and your fake tattoo is ready.

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