How To Make A Crossbow

Making a crossbow is not as complicated as it may sound. This is one example of how to make a crossbow from a few common items. For these instructions on how to make crossbow, the person will need a wooden broom handle, a two by four or similar piece of wood, two standard eyebolts, one large eyebolt, string, two springs, a hose bib, and corner piece of metal, and a small metal rod.

A broom handle is used for the handle or shaft of the crossbow. A standard broom handle should be cut about five inches more than the length of the arrows that will be used. The broom handle is then attached to the center of the piece of wood to be used for the crossbeam.

The piece of wood for the crossbeam of the crossbow can be a two by four or similar piece of wood. The shaft of the crossbow needs to be inserted into the center of the crossbeam. After the crossbeam and handle are attached, an eye bolt should be screwed into each end of the crossbeam. These should be the same distance from the end of the beam and placed. A large eye bolt is placed in the center of the cross beam to hold the arrow.

To make a firing mechanism, some people use a hose bib around the handle of the crossbow. The hose bib secures a corner metal piece that is attached to a metal rod that slides through the shaft of the crossbow. The corner metal piece acts as a trigger. When the trigger is pulled, the metal rod should slide inside the shaft of the crossbow.

The placement of the firing mechanism is determined by where the end of the arrow is when the arrow is placed in the crossbow. An arrow should be used to measure where the end of it rests when the end of the arrow is through the center eyebolt. The spot where the arrow ends is where the hole should be drilled for the metal rod of the trigger mechanism.

A spring is attached to the eyebolts at the ends of the cross beam. The ends of the string should be attached to each of the springs. This string needs to be the appropriate length so that once it is attached to the springs, the center of the string will reach the firing mechanism. Once these things are in place, the crossbow should function.

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