How To Make A Cat Tree

Scratch posts, cat towers or commonly known as cat trees would be a great Christmas gift for your cat. However, they can be extremely expensive and the designs of the cat trees that you can buy from the shop are somehow similar to one another. Making your own cat tree could save you a lot of money and it will allow you to design it and match the color of the cat tree with your house, making the cat tree another piece of decorative furniture instead of a toy for your cat. You may have a cat and want to make your own cat tree but you do not know how to make a cat tree.

People with high creativity can visit their local pet supply store to get ideas and adapt those designs to their own needs. It will best if you draft out your designs on a piece of paper and ask for opinion from people who stay under the same roof as you. Most of the designs for cat trees will require a few materials such as plywood pieces for the base of the cat trees, the post, screws, L brackets and carpets. The screw can be made from PVC pipe or wood if you don’t mind to do additional work. To make your work to become more artistic, the thick pieces of polished driftwood can be used as posts. It would be advisable for you to purchase a few rolls of sisal twin and wrap it around one or two posts, as your cat will enjoy scratching sisal.

You will need all this ready materials ready before you can start your project. You will need one carpet tube, which you can get it for free from your carpet warehouse. One sheet of plywood, two yards of fake fur, staples, nails, wood glue, and floor mat or sisal.

Firstly, arrange the plywood and the tube according to your design, which you suppose to have on a piece of paper. Make sure that the base is strong and it does not wobble. Next, glue the tube and plywood together and make sure it is strong and stable, it will be advisable if you leave it for a day after you glue it and get it together. Next, stick the carpet on the surfaces of the cat tree such as the tube and the base. Wrap sisal around the tube for the cat to scratch. Lastly hang the cat toy at the place that can be reached by your cat and you are done.

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