How To Make A Cat Scratcher – Cat Scratching Post

Cat scratchers can be pretty expensive to buy but how do I build a cat scratcher myself? Well with a few tips and a guide on how to make a cat scratcher, you could possibly build one from scratch, literally.

1. Decide on the measurements of the post before beginning. The scratching post must be stable, for if it tips easily, your cat may find it to be unsuitable for continued use. The model in the picture measures 28″ tall, and the base is about 18″ by 12″. The post needs to be, at minimum, the length of your kitty plus a couple of inches for her stretch.

2. Use a 4×4 post or 2-2×4 pieces attached together, and cut to the length needed. Set this aside for a moment.

3. The base on this model has two layers. The first layer is made by setting 3-12″ sections of 2×6 side by side. Cut 2 sections of 2×6 to match the width of the first layer (16.5″ as 2×6 are in truth 1.5″ by 5.5″). Place these 2 sections of the second layer on top of and parallel to the first layer. Attach the top layer to the bottom with wood screws. This makes for a heavy and stable base.

4. Cover the base with your scratch material, something along the lines of Berber carpet or AstroTurf. Natural rope, like sisal, is nice, but takes a while to wrap tightly. A manual staple gun is perfect for this project, but roofing nails and flat tacks are also good choices.

5. Place the post in the center of the base. Attach the post to the base by using one screw on each face of the post.

6. Cover the post with your cat scratching material, and attach as described for the base.

7. Attach a favorite toy, or something dangly and irresistable, to the top to entice your cat to get to know the new scratching post.

8. Now, if you want a double-fun, and double-duty scratching post, attach some old brush heads or something similar about cat’s eye level on the post.

There you have it. Possibly under $50.

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