How To Lose The Feet Odour

Human beings have a lot of sweat glands in the foot. In fact, we have so many glands in the foot that we keep sweating more in the foot. We also are used to covering our foot when we go to work or even at home. The footwear that we use and other factors can cause the sweat to be collected in the foot. This is the reason for the feet odour that is common, but the sweat also has bacteria growing in it which compounds the problem. So how to lose the feet odour is a very important question.

There are some simple methods of losing the feet odour and they are listed here:

1. Keep feet clean and dry: If the feet are clean and dry, then there is very little chance of the bacteria that cause the smell to grow on the skin of the foot. Frequent washing of the foot is very important, but as soon as the foot is washed, it needs to be dried too. This will keep the skin dry and prevent the growth of any bacteria. Dry skin is also useful in preventing diseases like fungal infections from occurring on the foot.

2. Shoes and socks: Though the feet may be clean and dry, there are many times when the shoes and the socks that are used daily are not washed frequently. The socks should be changed on a daily basis and even the shoes should be washed and cleaned at regular intervals. This will keep the feet from having a bad odour.

3. Using deodorants: In spite of all these precautions, there are some people who seem to perspire a lot. These people will have a lot of sweat in their feet and the feet odour starts emanating within no time at all. These people will benefit a lot if they use either deodorants or antiperspirants. This will help in masking the odour from the feet. These will also delay the smell from the foot from occurring.

4. Avoiding certain foods: Many people do not know that the consumption of certain foods too can cause the sweat to have a particular odour. Each of these foods has a certain kind of smell. Some of these foods include those like garlic and onions. Other than these, consumption of alcohol could also cause the odour from the foot to increase. Avoiding these foods will help you to lose the feet odour.

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