How To Lose Bad Foot Odour

Bad foot odour is a common problem in many people. This not only prevents these people from participating in social activities, but it also causes the person who is affected to not be able to participate in various activities socially. It is very important for a person who sweats a lot to lose bad foot odour. This is easier said than done because unless one knows how to lose bad foot odour, it is difficult to actually lose the foot odour.

Though there are various methods that can be tried to lose the foot odour, there are some simple methods that have helped many people. A certain amount of care will help to lose the bad foot odour. These methods are:

1. Washing feet regularly: Even if you have foot odour, if you keep washing the foot with soap, then the foot odour will be lost. The foot odour is mainly caused by the bacteria that live on the foot and thrive on the dampness that is created by the footwear or socks and the foot. Washing the foot will help to wash away the bacteria from the surface of the skin and thus help in losing the foot odour.

2. Washing the socks and the shoes: Regular washing of the socks is needed to lose bad foot odour. The washing of the socks will help to clean off all the perspiration and also wash away the bacteria that are growing on the socks. Other than washing the socks daily, cleaning the shoes at least once a week is very important, unless your shoes are well aerated. The shoes are also a source of bad foot odour, especially if they are damp.

3. Keep foot dry: the foot should be dry at all times to prevent the smell causing bacteria from growing. The bacteria cannot grow on the skin and cause the smell if the skin is dry. Wiping the foot to remove the sweat or water is the best method to lose bad foot odour.

4. Deodorants: The deodorants are the best method of losing the bad foot odour. Though it might not be completely possible to remove the foot smell, the deodorant plays an important role in masking the smell that is coming from the foot. This makes the foot smell good and prevents the problem of bad foot odour.

Avoiding certain foods will also help to lose bad foot odour, especially if the foot odour is caused by the food that is consumed.

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