How To Hold A Golf Club

Golf is a game that is very popular and the popularity is increasing all the time with many people joining to play golf all the time. This is because golf is a simple game that can also be complicated at the same time. It can be gripping at times and also be relaxing at times. When a person plays golf, they will forget the time and place and become involved in the game. With many new people wanting to learn to play Golf, it is very important that they know how to hold a golf club to play the game.

There are basically many different methods of holding a golf club. Though the actual method of holding the club may vary from person to person and one persons grip may not suit for the other person, these basic methods of holding the golf club will be useful for a person who is a beginner and wants to learn the different methods so that the person can select the one that is best suited.

The best method that can be used to hold the golf club is a type of grip that is called as the interlocking grip. This type of hold, as the name indicates, is a grip that is got by using both the hands in an interlocking pattern. The index finger of one hand is interlocked with the fingers of the other hand and the person can hold the golf club with this grip. This is very helpful as a grip because both the hands are held together and this makes the grip very strong. When the grip is strong, it is very good for a shot when the golfer hits the ball. In fact this interlocking grip is used by many top Golfers to hold the golf club.

The next method of holding a Golf club is to use another method of grip called as the overlapping grip. Here as the name indicates, the fingers or both the hands overlap each other. The index and middle finger of one hand is overlapped by the fingers of the other hand. This type of holding the golf club is also very effective in giving more power to a person hitting a golf ball and is also used by many Golfers.

The other method that is used by many players to hold a Golf club is the unconnected grip. In this type of hold, there is no connection between the two hands and the person holds the golf club with the two hands at different places on the club and though this is considered to be a very weak hold on the club. It can be used by people who are very strong to power a shot.

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