How To Heal Open Wounds Faster

Most open wounds do not require you to seek medical treatment. However, if the open wound is a severe one it is advised that you go to hospital and seek for medical treatment, as the severe open wounds may need some stitches. If you can control the bleeding and the wound is not too deep, you can perform your own treatment. You maybe asking yourself, how to heal open wounds faster. This article will show you how.

If the wound is too deep and look infected, do not try to heal it by your own. You should seek medical treatment immediately. The doctor will decide to stitch the wounds up in order to properly heal the wound. Medical treatment from doctor is the best way to heal a serious open wound in the shortest time. However, it will be ridiculous to seek medical treatment for small open wound and if you can treat the wound by yourself.

To treat an open wound by your own, you will need to prevent it from getting infected. You will need an alcohol to clean the wound and prevent infections because if the wound is infected it will take longer time to heal. The rule of thumb is to reduce bleeding and clean up the wound to prevent it from getting infected.

You will need to apply bandage to the wound, use a sterile bandage to cover the wound in order to keep the wound away from being infected. Remember to change the bandage at least once a day because if the bandage is dirty, bacteria will breed on it and the wound will eventually get infected. Remember to keep the bandage away from water and keep it dry no matter what happen. Your body will release natural platelets that help with blood clotting and water will make the dried blood clot wet again making it harder to heal.

If you keep the wound dry and clean, it will help to heal the open wounds faster. When the wound is 70% healed, it is advisable that you leave the bandage open to allow fresh air to blow the wound dry. However, if you are unsure about when to open the bandage, you can consult your doctor about it.

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