How To Heal A Fat Lip

The name fat is given to a lip that has been injured or has swollen up due to some medical condition. There are other causes of the fat lip like an insect bite or an allergy. Whenever a person has a fat lip due to any of the said reasons, they try to learn how to heal a fat lip. There are in fact many methods of healing a fat lip.

When an individual wants to learn how to heal a fat lip, there can be many options available like the natural remedies and also medical remedies. There are also simple home remedies that can heal a fat lip.

The first thing to do after getting a fat lip is to assess the damage that has been done. The individual should see if the injury is inside the mouth on the lip or on the outside.

Many injuries to the lip can heal with little or no help, but when a treatment is done, it helps the fat lip to heal quicker. Ice application is the best method of healing the fat lip immediately after it has been identified. Ice packs can be kept on the lip to reduce the pain and also the swelling. The numbness caused by the ice reduces the pain and the increased blood circulation caused by the ice helps to reduce the swelling and speed up the healing process.

Other than the icing, other home remedies that can be used are olive oil, aloe vera oil and also tea tree oil that can be applied over the fat lip. These are the natural remedies that can be done at home when a person wonders on how to heal a fat lip. Other than these listed methods, there are very few options as far as home remedies are concerned.

All the applications including the ice can be done at least three times a day and the duration of ice application can be for about ten minutes. The oil applications are done only superficially. The individual who is suffering from the fat lip should remember that over time, the lip is sure to heal.

If the fat lip is due to any other serious cause, the individual should immediately visit a physician for medical treatment that can include various kinds of ointments to heal the fat lip.

These are the various treatments that should come to mind when one thinks on the method of how to heal a fat lip.

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