How To Hack A Computer

There are many different ways to hack a computer and there are many loopholes available in computer’s operating system. Hacking into someone else computer maybe illegal if you do not have the permission to do it. However, hacking is neither defined nor limited by exploitation or exploration because if you hack the computer for a good cause or if you hack the computer in order to increase its security system, that means you are doing it for a good cause. Always remember that you maybe prosecuted if you are caught hacking someone else computer without the owner permission, so if you are planning to hack into someone’s computer better make sure that it is worth it and you will never get caught. Now you may want to know how to hack a computer.

Many large corporations now employ hackers to test the strengths and weaknesses of their own Information Technology system because they can’t afford to crash their information system. The hackers that are hired by these corporations will try to hack into the Information Technology system and stop before harming it. These hackers are paid a large salary and if the company hires them, they will have a bright chance to become chief technology officer.

Of course, before you become a professional hacker, you will need to learn a programming language. Be fluid and don’t only limit yourself only to one programming language. C is the language where most operating systems are built on and it is really important piece of your journey as a hacker. While Python and Ruby are the modern scripting languages that is used to automates various tasks at once. PHP on the other hand is what the amateur hacker will usually possess and more often than not, this is the first language you will learn if you plan to be a hacker. PHP only able to hack poorly written web applications such as blogs and other websites. You must learn how to do bash scripting, where you can easily manipulate computer servers and it will allow you to write a one liner script that will do most of the job. Lastly, you will need to know about ASM or you will not be able to exploit programs if you do not know about the language.

Remember that you should never let the administrator of the computer, that their system has been hacked. Be as swift as possible and if you have patched a server like SSHD, you have to make sure that your secret passwords are hard-coded. Always remember, best hacker knows how to cover their tracks and never get caught.

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