How To Grow Strawberries

Strawberry is one of the most loved fruits. Each and every person loves these fruits because of the taste. A young child may like it and a older person will also like the strawberry just like they liked it in their younger days. This not only depends on the taste of the fruit, but also various other factors. In spite of the fruit being liked by millions of people, people do not know how to grow strawberry. This is because of the wrong perception that strawberries are very difficult to grow.

Though it is thought that strawberries can be grown only in the cooler climates, there are various types of varieties of strawberries that can be grown in all climates. Some of the varieties of this fruit can be grown only in the cooler parts, but there are other varieties that grow from the hottest temperatures to the coldest parts of the world. So the temperature should not be a deterrent in growing this fruit.

The first thing that is needed to grow the strawberry is to have the plant purchased. This can be done easily by getting the small plants from a nursery. Once you have got the plant, the next step is to plant the sapling. The plant should be planted in an area where there is adequate sunlight.

It should also be planted in an area where the water that is poured drains away quickly. This is because if the water is stagnant, then it will cause damage to the plant. If the water does not drain, then the soil should be increased near the root of the plant so that the water drains away. There should also be enough space between the plants. This is because only if there is enough space between the plants will they have adequate place to grow and also have their roots spread out. The normal space that should be present in between the plants should be about one to two feet.

One thing that is very important is that the area between the plants should be weeded. The growth of any weeds will cause the plat to lose the nutrients and this should be considered as a priority. The plant should also be grown carefully by making sure that you do not let the flowers to become a fruit in the first year. This is because even if the plant flowers, the presence of the fruit will make the plant to lose its energy and may not grow properly. The blooms can be allowed to become fruit from the second year. This is another important thing that has to be noted when growing strawberries.

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