How To Grip A Golf Club

Golf is a game that is increasingly played by many people and the popularity of this game is soaring. There are a lot of reasons for the increase in the popularity of the game. There is no great risk of injury to the person playing golf like other contact sports. Golf is considered to be a gentleman’s game because of the lack of various fights between players that can occur in various other sports. As there are many new people who are starting to play Golf each time, they all like to learn how to grip a golf club. This is because gripping a golf club is the first step that they have to take in starting to play golf. Only when the person knows how to grip the golf ball will the person be able to play the game without any problems.

The most common type of grip that is used by many players to drive the golf ball is the interlocking grip. This is because only when the person grips the golf ball in this grip will the shot when the player hits the golf ball be very strong and effective. In this type of grip, the person has the index finger of one hand held in a very tight grip by the other hand. This method of gripping the golf club ensures that the grip that the person has in holding the golf club is very strong. If the person holds the golf club in this interlocking grip, then the person can play by having the ball hit very strong and quick. This is the main reason for all great players starting to play Golf with this kind of grip.

The next type of grip that the person can use to play golf is the overlapping grip. The name of the grip itself suggests that the grip is in such a way that the golf club is held with one hand and the other hand is placed over the hand that is placed first on the golf club. This kind of grip too is commonly used by many professional golfers. The reason for this is that when the overlapping grip is used, then the person can have both the hands power the shot.

The other common type of grip used by Golfers is the unconnected grip. In this kind of grip, the person hitting the golf ball grips the club in a way where there is no specific connection between both the hands. This kind of grip depends on the individuals comfort and style of game. So this is not really used by many people, but there are certain people who grip the golf club with a great power even with the unconnected grip.

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