How To Grind With A Guy

Grinding is a provocative form of dancing that involves very close contact between the dance partners. Typically, the couple’s hips are against each other. Though a girl may witness people grinding on the dance floor, the girl may want to know how to grind with a guy so she can feel confident about joining the fun.

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Grinding with a guy is almost entirely about the girl’s hip movement. Grinding is most commonly associated with hip hop music, but is sometimes done to other types of music. When a woman dances to hip hop music, she typically rocks her hips from side to side though the style of doing so can vary tremendously among female dancers. Other hip actions such as rolling the hips and popping the hips backwards are also frequently used. Many women develop their own styles of dancing with a combination of hip actions.

A guy and girl may not enter the dance floor together with the intention of grinding. Often, a girl will be dancing and a guy may approach her from behind. The guy may move against the woman’s hips or hold her moving hips while he stands behind her.

When the guy approaches from behind, the girl should keep dancing. If at any point the girl feels uncomfortable with the guy, she should move away from him. If she wants to grind with the guy, she should continue to dance to the music with her hips moving against his. A girl may want to lean back slightly against the guy she is grind with.

There are no rules about grinding with a guy. As long as the guy and girl are both enjoying it, she should try not to worry about whether or not she is doing it “right.” She may want to experiment with different hip movements or combinations of hip movements. She may want to try dance moves that she has seen in music videos.

Some girls assign emotional significance to the grinding. The girl should try to remember that grinding is just a dance with no emotional significance. If a guy stops grinding during the song or grinds with other girls, it is not a reflection on him or the girl. Some girls may feel that they cannot grind with a guy without becoming jealous of other women he grinds with. Then, it may be best if she avoids grinding with guys.

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