How To Give A Lap Dance

Many women desire to increase the passion in their relationships. One fun way to do this is to perform a striptease or lap dance in the bedroom. While many women have a basic understanding of how to perform a striptease, some may want to know how to give a lap dance.

A lap dance is a sensuous, teasing dance done while the man is seated in a chair. Before the woman begins a lap dance, she generally plans the music and her lingerie. It may help to woman to practice some basic lap dance moves before she intends to surprise her lover with it.

The lap dance traditionally has one rule. The man is not to touch the woman performing the dance. Though some couples may bend this rule, the rule does add a bit of erotic tension to the performance. Therefore, even if the woman thinks that she would want to have her significant other touch her while doing the dance, she may want to reconsider for at least the beginning of the dance.

The woman should dance seductively while swinging her hips to the music as she approaches her man. When the man is seated in the chair, the woman may want to instruct him to have his legs apart. During the lap dance, it would be more in line with the spirit of the dance to actually move his knees than telling him to do so.

While slowly dancing seductively to the music, the woman should slowly slide her hands along her body. She may want to spend extra time around a body part that the significant other appreciates the most. For example, if the man loves the woman’s legs, she may want to stand close to the chair in front of him and put on foot up on the arm of the chair and run her hands slowly up and down the curves of her leg.

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If the man loves her breasts, she should make sure to do this classic move. While standing close and facing him, grip the back to the chair and bend over so that your breasts are close to his face. Since the lap dance is a special treat for the man, the woman can tailor it to suit his personal preferences.

Some women are comfortable with lowering themselves so that their buttocks graze against the man’s crotch. She can then move her hips back and forth or around in a circle. The lap dance between a couple is personal and neither person should do anything that makes them uncomfortable.

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