How To Get Rid Of Mice

Having mice in the house can be very annoying sometimes and they tend to steal your food in the kitchen. Even if the food is not gone but after being nibbled or touched by the mice, it is already contaminated and you cannot consume it anymore. Mice is well known as disease carrier in the whole wide world and having a house fully infected with mice will lower the value of your house causing you to unable to sell it with a higher price. Since mice will cause so much trouble, you should know how to get rid of mice.

There are few ways to get rid of mice, you can try to make your house as uninviting for them as possible before you start filling your house with mice traps or intoxicate your house with poisons. If you choose to make your house as uninviting as possible for mice, you must understand how to get rid of mice.

Cleaning your house will be the first alternative in getting rid of mice. If you always leave your stuffs lying around or objects on the floor, it will gives any pest such as mice and lizards a place to hide and it will encourages them to migrate from one place to another. They will treat your house as if it is their playground. Do not leave foods lying on your floor, this will allow them to get an easy access of foods making your house and ideal place for them to stay.

Mice are a type of scavengers that will eat whatever food you leave lying around in your kitchen. Make sure you cover the bin that you use to throw all the excess foods. Crumbs, seeds, vegetables, leftovers; whatever scraps that you leave lying around and you will be able to find mice eating it if you do not clean it up. Make sure that you sealed all your foods because the smell of foods can attract mice, they can sniff the smell of foods up to 3 km in radius.

For the last resort of the mice infestation problem, you can use mousetrap. It is commonly available in your local grocery store. Place your newly bought mousetrap in a place where you have seen the mice activity. Against the walls and in sheltered areas usually works best. It is advisable that you buy the mousetrap that you can put baits on it, this is proven to be more effective in catching them.

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