How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs

Fleas on dogs are very common in almost all the houses that have a dog as a pet. The important thing about fleas in the dogs is that the fleas start infesting the house too, as soon as they start multiplying on the dog. These fleas are very small insects that live almost anywhere. They live on animals using them as hosts and suck their blood for the survival. This causes various diseases in the pets and there are times when there are a lot of fleas on the dogs, that the dog even becomes anemic due to loss of blood. Since they reproduce and multiply very rapidly, it is very important for one to know how to get rid of fleas on dogs.

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Dogs are one of the most common sources of fleas because the fleas are able to get on to the fur or hair of the dogs very easily. If the fleas are present on the dog, then they should be taken care of immediately to prevent the multiplying of these fleas.

The dogs should be shampooed using shampoos that are recommended by a veterinarian. Once the fur is shampooed, the hair is washed and the fleas are removed using flea remover combs. This will remove almost all of the fleas on the fur of the dog. There are a lot of different kinds of dog flea removing shampoos and products that are available in the market.

Another method of removing the fleas from the dogs is the manual removal of taking out the fleas that do not come out when the shampoo was used. These fleas that are removed can be killed by putting them in a bleach solution kept nearby. After the fleas on the dogs are removed, the person should try to get rid of the fleas from the bed or the mat on which the dog sleeps. This can be done by treating the material and drying in the sun. This will make sure that the dog is not infested by fleas.

Even after the fleas on the dogs are got rid of, there is a very high risk of them being infested again as they go out in the garden. This is the reason for the fact that many houses use flea bombing to get rid of the fleas in their garden too. In spite of this, the dogs may get infested again when the fleas get onto to them from other dogs or pets that enter the house and the whole process of getting rid of the fleas have to be started again.

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