How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cat

Cats are commonly kept as pets in many houses. One of the problems that can occur in them is the infestation of fleas. These fleas cause a lot of problems because they not only infest the cat, but also start infesting the house. Within a matter of days, the whole house is infested and you will find fleas everywhere. The rapid multiplication of these fleas causes a major problem to almost all people. How to get rid of fleas on cat is a question that every cat owner would have had at some point or other.

The first thing that a person who owns a cat should do is to seek the advice of the veterinarian. This will help the individual to be able to get an idea as to what medications can be used on the cat to get rid of the fleas. There are many times when the shampoo that is used for the cat to get rid of the fleas, are those that should be used for dogs only. This can sometimes cause the death of the cat too.

The shampoo that is specifically made to remove fleas on cats should only be used. This will help to remove the fleas off the cat. Once the cat is shampooed, a flea comb can be used to remove the dead fleas from the fur and hair of the cats.

There are some topical creams that are present, which can be used to apply on the skin of the cat. One important thing that should be remembered when topical creams are applied is that the cream should be applied on areas where the cat cannot lick it. The cream has a sustained action on the fleas and gets rid of them.

Even after the fleas are removed from the skin and fur of the cat, it is not enough because the fleas can multiply from the eggs that are present on the bed of the cat. To prevent another infestation within a few days, the bed should be treated with adequate amount of lethal temperature steam cleaning. This will destroy all the eggs of the fleas and make sure that the cats can live without fleas.

The cats should be prevented from going to areas that are infested with fleas and this will also prevent fleas on your cats. Other than this, cleaning the whole house to remove the presence of any fleas will also help to get rid of fleas on your cats.

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