How To Get Rid Of Ants

Ants are the least favorite America’s home pest and party crashers that can be found everywhere. It does not matter if it is a black ants, red ants and fire ants, the ants will annoy and raise your blood to your head. You can find them ravishing your food if you leave it without your supervisions. In order to lead a happy summer, you should know how to get rid of ants to prevent them from spoiling your summer. Before getting rid of the ants, you should identify the type of ants you are planning to get rid of.

Determine the cause why are they entering your property and try to cut off their food supply, water and everything that they need to survive. Always clean the after meals and take all trash out of your home daily. In order to get rid of ants, you should make your house as uncomfortable as possible for the ants. Move the bins and thrash as far from your home as possible to prevent them from traveling to your house. Wrap and store food in a tight container before storing it in your kitchen.

Remember to refrigerate all the green food, because in the summer, the fruits and vegetables spoil easily. Ants do get thirsty so it is advisable that you remove the pools of water and wipe it dry. Seal the cracks in your house. Using the least toxic method and the least toxic materials to do so is the silicon chalk.

It is advisable that you sprinkle red chili pepper or borax on ant trails or in the cracks, which you have tracked down, as this will prevent them from entering and coming out from the cracks. Clean your garden, get rid of aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs, as these sap-feeding insects will extract the sweet sugary dew from the plant, which is the favorite treat for the ants.

You can try to make a natural repellent of citrus peelings and water and spread the solutions over the ants track. You can also drown the ants out by pouring boiling waters over the cracks where you have identified the colony. Approximately around 3 gallons of water will do the trick just fine.

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