How To Get Passed Blocked Sites

Schools and businesses often have security software that blocks websites. Sometimes, these blocks are based on a word contained on the website. What if someone needs to access a website that is blocked? You can do so if you know how to get passed blocked sites.

Internet proxy servers can be used to bypass blocks to websites. Some security software that may be blocking access to the website that the user is trying to visit may also be blocking proxies. Free proxy servers are available on the Internet to get past blocked sites. However, some Internet users have posted reviews that some websites that offer free proxy server use save the user’s information for advertising.

Many proxy servers are very easy to use. The proxy server website has a window where the user types the website that the user wants to go to. The proxy server displays that website. The proxy server may have a frame around or on top of the website that the user navigates to.

Before using a proxy server, the user should do some research to find reviews from users or information about whether or not their data or browsing history is saved by that proxy server. Lists of free proxy servers can be found by doing a simple search on a search engine.

If the proxy servers are blocked, there’s another technique that may work in those cases. In order to use this method, the person must be able to hit the select run on the start menu of the computer. This method involves obtaining the IP address of the website that the person wants to access. The run function is often disabled on public and school computers. If the run function has been disabled, the person can still use this method by completing the steps to get the website’s IP address on a different computer.

After clicking run, type “cmd” in the window. A black box will appear. In the black box, type “ping” and a space. Then, type the website address of the website that you want to access. Do not include the “http://” in the website address.

The IP address will appear in brackets after the website address on the next line. The IP can be used in place of the website address. So, if the website address is blocked, you can access it by putting the IP in the window on the browser where you normally type the website address.

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