How To Get Into Blocked Websites In School

Schools have security software that stops students from accessing websites that the school authorities do not want students to use. A student can learn how to get into blocked websites in school. A website may be blocked if the website contains a word that the school’s security software has flagged as offensive or inappropriate. The common purpose of the security software is to block adult websites.

Social websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, or user-generated content websites like YouTube may be blocked due to the lack of control over the content and risk of exposure to questionable content. The school may also block these and other websites to encourage students to use school computers for educational purposes only.

Though people can often bypass security software to access blocked websites with an Internet proxy server, many schools have security software that also blocks Internet proxy servers. A student may want to try using a free Internet proxy server first. The websites for proxy servers are usually very user-friendly. The home page includes a window where the person types the website address of the website they want to visit.

Another way to get passed blocked websites is to use the website’s IP address instead of the domain name to access a blocked website. In order to get the IP address for a website, the person must use the run button in the start menu of the computer. Many schools have the run function disabled. If this is the case, the person needs to use a computer at home or other location to get the IP address of the website that the student wants to access at school.

To get the IP address, the student must open the start menu and click run. In the window that pops up, the student needs to type “cmd” and click enter. A black box will appear. The student needs to type “ping”, hit the space bar, then type the website address in the black box that opens. When typing the website address, do not include the “http://” before the website address.

In the first line that the computer generates, the IP address shows in brackets after the website address. The IP address can be used instead of the website address. To get to blocked websites in school, the student can get past the block by putting the IP address in the window on the Internet browser where the website address is normally typed.

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