How To Contact Netflix

The presence of Netflix has changed the way in which people watch movies. It has a large subscriber base and in fact more than 8 million Americans are part of this video rental place. There are many benefits of watching movies by borrowing them from Netflix and this is the reason for the large number of people who get movies rented from Netflix. A person who wants to watch movies by renting a DVD from Netflix may want to know how to contact Netflix and this article tells you the easiest and best methods of contacting Netflix.

The fist and the best method, in fact the simplest method too of contacting Netflix is to get to their website and contact them through the website. This is because many people have easier access to the internet and this method of contacting Netflix is quicker and efficient. To go to the website of Netflix, you just have to open the home page of a search engine and then make sure that you type Netflix in the search option and search for the site. You will be redirected to the site of Netflix and you will be able to contact them from the contact options.

You can also contact Netflix through phone and the phone number of Netflix is 1-866-716-0414. This is also a quick and efficient method of contacting Netflix because you will be able to get in touch with the people who are there to help customers. Contacting through phone can also be sometimes very effective in getting what you want because you will be able to talk to a person.

For those who do not want to have to talk to the people at Netflix through phone or contact them through e mail, you have to make sure that you write to them using the correct address. The address at which you can contact Netflix is 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032. This is another mode of contacting Netflix, but this method of contacting Netflix will be a slower method than any other method.

There are also various service centers that are present all over the country and the individual who wants to contact the person who is one of the service centers can just look through the contact details of their city’s yellow pages and this will give you the contact details of the Netflix in your city.

These are the various methods of contacting Netflix over any matter be it rental of a DVD or even for any clarification.

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