How To Build A Lemonade Stand

During summer holiday, what would be the best way to spend the hot summer day with your children as well as teaching them a few lessons of life? It is definitely setting up a lemonade stand. By setting up a lemonade stand, not only you will have your kids to spend their summer holiday productively, they will also learn also a few important lessons such as courtesy & community, math and responsibility. You can also spend a quality time with you children when you are taking care of the lemonade stand with them.

Before setting up a lemonade stand, you will need a few things such as table, plastic tablecloth, napkins, banner, box to keep money and decoration items to make your stand more attractive such as balloons, streamers, signs. You would want to be creative in decorating your lemonade stand because if your lemonade stand is attractive, you will have more customers. With more customers coming to buy your lemonade, you and your children more fun running the lemonade stand.

Now that you know how you want things to go around your lemonade stand, you are good to go. Set up your table and cover it tablecloth, place tablecloth is highly recommended here because it is very easy to clean up compared to other material tablecloth. Next you would want to have your lemonade stand banner, you can easily find it in the internet and print it out. If you are feeling creative, you can make a banner of your own with marker pens and crayons. It will be better if you include the pictures of suns and clouds to it. Be creative and use bright colors because it will give people the feelings that the day is hot and they should get a cup of lemonade.

Stick the banner to the table with tape and make sure that it is steady. If you want it to be steadier, try to use cardboard backing. After you have set up everything, decorate your lemonade stand, put some balloons, signs, stickers, if you have an extra speaker, you can connect your mp3 player to it and play some songs, the noise and the decorations will attract people to come and visit your stand. You can also advertise your stand by sending emails to people around your neighborhood. This way people will be aware of your lemonade stand.

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