How To Build A Fire Pit

Sitting around a fire on a cool night with your family and friends will be something very soothing and enjoyable. Everybody love the feeling of hanging around the open fire, does not matter how old you are. You can toast marshmallow over the flames, hot dogs, or you can simply sip a hot cup of coffee and watch over the dancing flames. Fire pit will always make everybody feel the warmth and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can invite your neighbors to come and enjoy the fire pit if you have one in your own yard but how to build a fire pit?

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Before you start a fire pit, you will need to find a location that is not close to trees or anything that could catch fire from a spark. It is best that you chose a level location and make sure that there are no underground wires, cable or pipes in your chosen location. Push a stake into the ground on the location you have decided for the fire pit. The string to the stake and attack a stick or nail about 1.5 or 2 feet away from the stake, draw a circle around the stake using flour. Dig out the holy to a depth of about 1 foot, make sure that you keep the sides as straight as possible. In the center of your fire pit, dig a hole of 6 inches square and 12 inches deep.

Scrape out the bottom of your hole and pour in 4 inches of pea gravel and fill in the hole in the center with the gravel as well. The pea gravel will improve the drainage for the fire pit. Then add sand on top of the pea gravel, the sand should be around 3 inches thick as it is to prevent any fire from spreading to the roots under the fire pit.

The last step would be for you to surround the fire pit with concrete pavers, the right amount of pavers would be 2 rows. Do not dry stack it without using concrete as it will fall off easily and it may be dangerous. Do not use adhesive of glue as they will melt from the heat that the fire produces.

It is advisable that you have a bucket of water nearby whenever you are having a fire pit incase of emergency.

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