How To Build A Charcoal Grill

People opt to build charcoal grills as buying one from a store can be very expensive. Charcoal grills are excellent for barbequing and add a lot of flavour to the food cooked on it. It is fairly easy to build your own charcoal grill, and once build can be used for all your barbequing.. You need a few basic things and you are ready to grill away.

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Put together a discarded tire rim, a shovel, charcoal, hose, water, gravel or stones, and a grill rack. The first step is to fit the tire into the ground. Choose a clear location for your charcoal grill. Remove any stones or dirt in that area. Measure the circumference of the tire and dig that area with a shovel. Dig for six inches or so and fit the tire in the dug spot. Wet the soil around the tire so that it is securely fixed in the ground. Now arrange some stones or landscaping rocks around the tire rim.
The final step is to add charcoal in the spot, and place a grill grate on top. Select an appropriate size for the grate so that it fits on top. Also make sure you choose a good quality grill that can withstand the heat and is not made of any toxic material.

A metal charcoal grill can also be made by using a big metal drum or a beer keg. Choose a drum that has not been used to fill any toxic substance. Fill it with charcoal, and put a metal grate on top. Just make sure to make holes at the bottom to let in air.

Since there is no way to control the heat on outdoor grills like this, you have to be careful not to burn your food. Light your charcoal and wait till the flames start to die down but are still very hot. Keep an eye on your food, and do not over cook it. For cooking on indirect heat, move the coals on one side, and use the other side to grill. For searing the meat, use direct heat, and then move to the other side to complete the cooking.

Charcoal grills are versatile in that you can also use wood to light a fire and grill your meat and vegetables on it. Flavoured woods like hickory or mesquite works well for barbeques, but do not hesitate to experiment with any kind you can lay your hands on.

Recommended: Official Secret Restaurant Recipes Yummy! Delicious!

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