How To Bind A Quilt

Making a quilt is quite a job that needs effort, concentration and also a lot of patience. Though you might have spent a lot of time in making a quilt, the work does not end with that. The final step that is very important and makes the job complete is the binding of the quilt. Many people who know how to do the initial steps in making a quilt may falter in the final steps because they do not know how to bind a quilt. When you really think about it and learn it, it is quite simple. The steps involved in binding the quilt may vary from person to person, but these are minor differences and the essential method remains the same.

The reason for binding the edges of the quilt is to make sure that the contents of the quilt do not spill out. The binding should be strong if the quilt has to be used for a long time. If the binding is not strong enough, then the quilt may just be a waste of time and effort. Any person who knows how to make a quilt should know the method of binding the quilt as it is the most important aspect of making the quilt.

The first step is to get the material for the binding of the quilt ready. The material that is used for binding the quilt should be a little bit strong so that it can hold the contents in. Once you have selected the material, you have to sew the edges of the material together so that you have a long length of cloth that is long enough to cover the whole of the quilts edges. Make sure that the length is a bit longer than the actual length you would need to cover. Then the material can be starched to give it more stability and also strength.

The next step is to start the binding process where you start from one side of the quilt. The stitching can be done using a sewing machine as it will be stronger. It will also have a nice finishing. A thread that is strong enough should be used and the material is used to stitch all around the edges of the quilt.
You can have double stitches on the binding to make the quilt more durable. The stitches should be neat as the finishing matters a lot. The binding of the quilt also makes the difference between a good looking quilt and one that is haphazardly stitched.

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