How Soon Can You Tell If Your Pregnant

If a woman has recently have an unprotected sex with a man and does not take any precaution in preventing pregnancy such as morning after pill or birth control pills, it is very likely that the woman will get pregnant. You may or may not be expecting the pregnancy but you will need to know how soon can you tell if your pregnant because if you are not expecting the pregnancy you can consult with your partner but if you are expecting the pregnancy it will be time to tell your partner about the good news.

Although sometimes is very confusing in order to determine if you are pregnant as the symptoms of pregnancy can also be the symptoms of other conditions. Therefore, trying to detect the early signs of pregnancy without doing the pregnancy will be very tricky. If it is your first pregnancy it will be more tricky as it is your first time.

The rule of thumb of detecting pregnancy if you missed your period, most probably you are pregnant. If you missed your period on the same month you have an unprotected sex, it is very highly that you will be pregnant. You are probably 1-3 weeks pregnant when you missed your period or there are something that is interfering with your menstrual cycle. For example, stress, diets and if you are on prescribed medication.

However, it is possible to know that you are pregnant even before you missed your period. You will know the symptoms and signs if it is not your first time. If you were pregnant before you will be able to find out about the symptoms as early as 2 weeks after conceiving.

You should look out for such signs of pregnancy after you have an unprotected sex to know whether that you are pregnant or not. You will feel extremely tired even after a long good night sleep, you will feel that your breast become tender as the increase in progesterone will cause woman’s breast to swell and become tender.

The most common symptom that can be seen if you are pregnant is the morning sickness where you will feel nausea, vomiting and sensitive towards some smells. It varies among woman to tell if they are pregnant. Some take 2 weeks and some may take 4 weeks.

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