How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy is one of the most important part of a woman’s life. The thought that she is carrying a child inside her makes even the most carefree woman to stop and be careful. When a couple is planning to start a family, they realize that the woman may be pregnant when she misses her periods. This is the first sign of the possible pregnancy, but as everyone knows, the confirmatory test is a pregnancy test done in a lab under controlled conditions. One should know that if a pregnancy test is done very early, then it may be very inaccurate. This can lead to unnecessary heartache and problems later on. Each and every woman hoping to get pregnant will be wondering how soon can I take a pregnancy test.

The thing that the woman has to remember is that before she misses her periods, the results of a test are sure to be inaccurate and there is no point in doing the pregnancy test. The woman has to do the test only after the periods are missed. Even after the periods are missed, there should be a time gap after which only the person can try to get the test done. A woman or the couple may be very fidgety during those days if they have been very keen to start a family, and the wait can be unnerving.

The truth is that the delay is made because the body of one person may vary widely form the body of another person and this should be taken into consideration. The possible date of conception is also very important when the woman is planning to do a pregnancy test. The test can only be done at least 19 days after the possible date of conception. This is the best time for you to get a pregnancy test done, but another important thing that the couples have to remember is the fact that the pregnancy test is also very important because there are certain tests that may not be very sensitive and may give a false positive or a false negative result.

For the test to be more accurate, a longer wait is needed. The earliest time when the test can be done is when about 9 to 10 days have gone by after the ovulation, but it should be remembered that the sensitivity of the test at such an early stage is very less and the chance of a wrong result are very high.

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