How Much Money Is PS3?

Gamers and those who want to purchase Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) have often criticized the price. Many people balked at the $499 and $599 prices when PS3 was introduced to the market in 2006. How much money is PS3 now?

Most technology sees significant declines in prices after the product has been on the market for awhile. New technology, computers, and gaming systems often start with high prices with the prices declining over time. When a new product emerges, the demand for that product is high. The products can be difficult to find in stores in the beginning. People are often willing to pay extravagant prices to secure the new product.

The PS3 is no exception when it comes to the significant drop in price. In December 2009, the price for a new PS3 120 GB on Amazon is $299. The 250 GB PS3 sells for $349.99. Part of the reason for such a significant drop in price is the competition. The Nintendo Wii was also very difficult to find in stores when it first hit the market. For the 2009 Christmas season, some retailers are offering major discounts on the Nintendo Wii making the price as low as $150.

One of the draws of the PS3 is the built in Blu-ray player. With movie DVDs now being released with Blu-ray technology, some people prefer to use their PS3 for this purpose as well as gaming. The PS3 also has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Another benefit of getting a PS3 is applicable if the person had a PlayStation 2 and has games for that console. Many people have spent a substantial amount of money on PS2 games. They can be reluctant to change gaming systems. Some PlayStation 2 games like Grand Theft Auto III are compatible with the PS3, but not all PS2 games can be played on the PS3. A person can search the PlayStation website support section for information on if a specific title of a PS2 game is compatible with the PS3.

The cost of PS3 games and accessories is another factor to consider when purchasing a gaming system. The PS3 wireless controllers can cost approximately fifty dollars. Games for the PS3 range in price from twenty to sixty dollars. A person may want to total the costs of the gaming system, accessories, and games that they would like to purchase before making a final decision about which gaming system they would like to buy.

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