How Much Do Segways Cost?

A Segway is a one-person vehicle powered by rechargeable battery. When riding a Segway, a person stands on a platform with a wheel on each side. To move forward, the rider leans forward slightly. To turn, the rider turns the steering frame. How much do Segways cost?

New Segways cost approximately five thousand to seven thousand dollars. Used Segways can be found on the Internet. In the United States, there are authorized dealers in thirty-nine states and Washington DC.
Segway strongly recommends purchasing a Segway from an authorized dealer in the country where the Segway will be used. If a Segway needs service while being used in another country, the warranty may not cover the needed repairs.

There are several different models of Segways. Some Segways are tailored to a specific purpose such as the Golf Segway with low-pressure tires to avoid damaging the turf. The Segway x2 Golf is one of the most expensive models of Segways with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $6,400. The Segway x2 Golf features a golf bag rack.

The most affordable Segway model with a suggested retail price of $5,350 is the Segway i2. It has a sleek design which is supposed to allow users to use the Segway indoors as well as outdoors. This can be desirable for users who want to use the Segway for errands without worrying about parking the Segway.
The Segway Personal Transporter x2 models have a wider track and larger tires. The tires are designed to be all-terrain including hills, trails, and beaches. The basic Segway x2 has a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $5,850.

There are two Segway models designed for use by police. The Segway Police i2 and the Segway Police x2 bring personal mobility to the police force. The suggested manufacturer’s retail price for Segway Police x2 is $6,280. The cost of a Segway Police i2 is $5,875.

Another commercial Segway design is the Segway Cargo. The Segway Cargo has two heavy duty storage containers on each side of the Segway to allow commercial users to store items that they need to transport. The price of the Segway Commercial Cargo model is $5,780. Segways have also been used commercially in warehouse environments and for giving tours of attractions.

Accessories for Segways can be used to personalize the personal transporter to meet the individual needs. Handlebar bags, storage cases, parking stands, headlights, and taillights are examples of available Segway accessories.

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