How Much Do Ferrets Cost

Ferrets are from the same family in the weasel and otter family. Ferrets are often mistaken as rodents although they are not. The latin name for ferrets is mustela putorious furo, which means spear-shaped stinky little thief. Despite it’s size ferrets are highly intelligence creature and very adorable. You maybe interested in getting a ferret as your pet but how much do ferrets cost? When you are buying a ferrets you are not only paying for the price of the ferret, as ferret is considered as a pet that require high maintenance to ensure their health. They will require high quality of ferret food, necessary vaccinations and a frequent visit to the vet for check ups.

The cost a ferret differs from area and depending on the breed. The average ferret breeds that are usually found in store will cost you around a hundred dollars or so as it differs from store to store. It is also depending on the size of the store. This normal average ferret breed will give you the advantage of having more people to talk about it as this type of ferret are easy to found and you can discuss with other people about your ferret.

However, if you choose a premium breed ferret, which look nearly the same as the average ferret will cost you around two hundred dollars or so. Although they look the same, this type of ferrets are easier to train and they may already have some tricks up their sleeve but always remember that if you are planning to get a premium breed ferret, get it from a store that are highly recommended and have a good rating to prevent you from being cheated.

Once you get your pet ferret, you will need to buy them cages, toys, foods and other supplies. They are not like cats or dogs that you can just leave them lying around the house. If you want to keep you ferret happy, you will need to get the best food, cages, toys for it. Altogether, you may need another hundred dollars to keep your ferret happy.

Ferrets require routine vaccinations that will prevent them from catching viruses or illness. Especially if you have just bought the ferret, as ferret does not adapt to new environment quickly and you will need to bring them for vaccinations at least once a month. Each vaccinations will cost around a hundred dollars or so.

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