How Many Songs Is 8GB?

When deciding what mp3 player to purchase, a prospective buyer may need to know how many songs the mp3 players can hold. The number of songs an MP3 player can hold depends on the memory that the mp3 player has. Some mp3 players hold 8 GB. How many songs is 8gb of memory able to hold?

There’s a reason why manufacturers of mp3 players say that the mp3 player can hold “up to” a certain number of songs instead of claiming that the mp3 player holds a specific number of songs. The manufacturer can only say the amount of memory on the device. The length of the song and the bit rate at which the song was encoded affect the file size of a song. The larger the file size of the songs, the fewer songs can be stored.

Generally speaking, a song is about 4mb of data though some songs can be much less or almost twice as much. Therefore, any estimate of how many songs 8gb holds is a general estimate. One gigabyte (GB) holds 1,024 MB of data of any form. This is a standard measure that does not change with the type of files being stored.

Since one GB is 1,024 MB, eight GB is 8,192 MB. If a song is approximately 4 MB of data, a general estimate of how many songs are in 8 GB is approximately 2,000 songs. With this being a rough estimate due to varying lengths of songs, some people can get a couple hundred more songs on an 8 gb mp3 player or storage device while others may not be able to get 2,000 of their songs onto the device if the songs are longer than average.

According to the iPod specifications by Apple, the number of songs 8 gb holds varies slightly by model. The number of songs an iPod Nano can hold is 2,000 songs for the 8 gb model. The 16 gb iPod Nano can hold 4,000 songs or up to sixteen hours of video. The 8GB iPod Touch can hold up to 1,750 songs or up to ten hours of video.

The 8gb iPod models can be ideal for people who want to store all their music on the iPod without having to worry about storage capacity. Of course, the needs of each user vary. Some people may only need a 2gb mp3 player which can hold up to 500 songs or a 4 gb mp3 player which holds up to 1,000 songs while others may need a 16 gb iPod.

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