How Many Calories Are There In A Banana

People are trying to reduce their weight in many different ways. The reason for trying to reduce their weight is to decrease the risk of getting various diseases. When a person is on a diet either to reduce the weight or to have a healthy lifestyle, they calculate the food value of each item that is consumed. The person also usually calculates the calories consumed each day. People usually consume bananas as part of their diet but usually do not know the calories present in a banana. So it is imperative that every person who is on a diet knows how many calories are there in a banana. This will help them to make their diet more effective.

Bananas are of various sizes and also vary from one species to another and each species can have different calories. The number of calories in the banana depends on the size and also the species. Some species of the bananas can have very high calories and some very low. The knowledge of this is very important for the person consuming the banana as they will be able to control their diet better and also plan their diet better.

The normal banana has such nutrients like carbohydrates and also proteins. The calories in the bananas depend on the carbohydrates and also the proteins. These calories are very useful in the body because they will be used for the energy needs of the body. Any calories from fruits are useful as they have more nutrients than empty calories. The bananas have more calories than other fruits like apples or even oranges. This is because the content of the water in this fruit is very less compared to the water content of many other fruits. This is the main reason for the increased calories in banana when compared to other fruits.

The actual calories in a banana are about 100. This number is for a medium sized banana. When the banana is smaller the calories can be anything from 80 to 95 calories. When the size of a banana is longer at about seven to nine inches, the number of calories can range anywhere between 125 to about 150 or even 160 calories.