How Many Calories Are In An Egg

Egg plays an important role in our daily diet. We use to have egg in everything we eat. The bread that we ate this morning with the cup of coffee before we go for work contains an egg inside. It is hard for us to get rid of egg from our daily diets. To be fair, egg does contain a lot of good nutrition in it. There’s even a popular diet of only consuming a low-carb and high protein diets, which are being practiced by the millions of Americans, The Atkins diet.

As one of the cheapest element of an affordable component of a healthy diet, rich in nutrients and egg contains a protein of a high quality compared to the other source of proteins.

There are a few good reasons of consuming eggs. Eggs have only 4.5 grams of fat. Where only 1.5 is saturated fat. As was mentioned before, eggs is the cheapest source of a high quality protein beating the closest competitor, fish. Micheal Phelps is known to consume 24 eggs a day as a source of protein to bulk himself up. The result, 8 gold medals in Beijing Olympics 2008.

This is because eggs contains pretty high calories and for athletes or anybody who is trying to build up their muscles, eggs is a cheaper, more natural and healthier alternative than the protein shake that is made from some artificial nutrients.

However, the calories that an egg contains vary from the way you cook it. If an egg is half boiled, the calories of the egg white would be equal to 17, the egg yolk would equal 50. Where as if the eggs are fried the calories rose to 92, the hard boiled egg would be 76 and if the eggs is poached it would be 76.

That is the calories found in a cooked egg. The fresh egg have different counts of calories compared to the cook ones and the calories in the fresh egg would be easier to be burned and converted into energy.

The calories in a fresh egg will be as follows

One small egg contains 54 calories.
One medium egg contains 63 calories.
One large egg contains 72 calories.
One extra large egg contains 80 calories.
One jumbo egg contains 90 calories.
One cup of raw eggs contains 347 calories.

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