How Long To Cook Beef Tenderloin

Cooking time for beef tenderloin varies between thirty five to fifty five minutes. For a two to three pound piece of tenderloin, cook for thirty to thirty five minutes and for a four to five pound meat, cook for forty five to fifty minutes.

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Select a cut of meat with a little fat. This adds flavour and keeps the meat moist. Beef tenderloin is an expensive cut of meat and made on special occasions like Christmas. It is moist and juicy and rarely requires a sauce to go with it.

Follow these steps to cook beef tenderloin:

1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
2. Spread a little olive oil and sprinkle and pepper on the beef tenderloin or some store bought spices.
3. Rub it well on the meat, so that it is well spread on the meat.
4. Adding salt before baking, takes out the moisture from the meat, so wait till the end to season the beef with salt.
5. Place the beef in a shallow baking pan.
6. Bake it uncovered for fifty to fifty five minutes till done.
7. Alternately, beef tenderloin can be seared first in a skillet, and then cooked in the oven till done.
8. Heat a skillet, and brown the seasoned meat till brown on both sides.
9. After searing, place in a baking dish and cook till done.
10. Check if the meat is completely done by using a digital meat thermometer.
11. Medium rare meat reads a temperature of 145°F and well done meat 165°F.
12. After cooking, tent the meat with tin foil and let the meat rest for ten to fifteen minutes to let the meat and juices rest. Slice and serve with vegetables.

To add some variation to this recipe, use a rub with mustard, garlic, rosemary, thyme to the meat. After searing in the skillet, add some shallots and slices of mushroom to the pan. Sauté a little, and add a little red wine to deglaze the pan. Add a little butter to make the sauce. Pour sauce over the sliced meat and enjoy

Other sauces that can be served with beef tenderloin are Bearnaise and Bordelaise sauce. Add dry tarragon, red wine, eggs, lemon juice, salt, garlic powder, butter and boiling water. First reduce tarragon and red wine on heat. Cook the egg yolks over a pan of boiling water till thick and yellow. Mix in the other ingredients and add butter slowly. Now add this to the tarragon mixture, and you are ready to go,

Bordelaise sauce is made by cooking shopped shallots, red wine, crushed peppercorns, thyme bay leaf first till reduced. Then add demi-glaze and simmer for fifteen minutes. Slowly mix in butter and use immediately.

Recommended: Official Secret Restaurant Recipes Yummy! Delicious!

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