How Long Is The Flu Contagious

The flu is one of the common infections that cause many people to become sick. This is also one of the commonest reasons for the common cold. There are various types of flu infections. The flu infections are usually caused by various kinds of viruses that affect a person. Any person who has been affected by the flu previously will know that it can be a very difficult time as the person feels weak and also sick. They are not able to do any work. The worst thing is that the flu is quite contagious and one should avoid getting close to other people to prevent them from getting the flu. The question upper most on the minds of people affected by the flu will be how long is the flu contagious.

Once the flu cannot be contagious, the person can try to at least interact with people around them for various needs. The fact that the flu is highly contagious is very important. This is because a person should try not to give the flu to another person and this means that both the people should be careful. The person affected by the flu should try to close the mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough. This is because the person can be spreading the infection when they cough or sneeze. In fact, the people in close proximity to a person affected by flu should be very careful and they too should cover their mouths and nose to prevent droplet infection. Any drop or even moisture from the nose or mouth of the person with the flu can cause it to spread to another person when it comes in contact with the person’s mouth or nose.

The number of days for which the flu is contagious can vary from person to person depending on the immunity level of the person. The actual number of days is about six days. The person is infectious from the day before they manifest or show any symptoms of the flu. The person will be infectious and the flu contagious for up to five days after the first signs of the flu appears.

In some people who have immunity deficiency and even in children the flu can be contagious for even up to two weeks. This is because the people who have immunity compromise have lower levels of resistance in their bodies and may have the infection for a longer time. This is also the case in children because they too have lesser immunity.

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