How Long Is Pink Eye Contagious

Pink eye is a common condition that has many names in different part of the world. The medical name for the pink eye is conjunctivitis. This is a common condition in specific times of the year and also in most parts of the world. The reason for the importance of this condition is the fact that this condition is very contagious and can spread from one person to another person quite easily. Though it does not cause any major problems to the person affected, people would like to know how long is pink eye contagious. This is because precautions have to be taken by others, near an infected person, so that they do not get the condition.

The eye will improve within one week after it has been affected by the condition. The eye will also be usually contagious up to about a week after the infection has occurred. The seven days from the start of the condition is the time till which the affected person will have tearing in the eyes. Along with the tearing, the person can also have mattering present. Once these signs stop, then the person is usually not very infectious.

In deciding if a pink eye is contagious or not and also to know how long the pink eye is contagious, one had to identify the source of the infection. There are many people who have the infection and the pink eye due to bacterial problems. In these conditions, using the antibiotic drops in the eye will help to decrease the time for which the person is contagious. In fact, it will also help to reduce the severity of the condition.
The duration for which the pink eye is contagious depends on the factors that are mentioned above. Th
e usual duration though can be anywhere between three days to seven days, though the condition may not be really very infectious in many people even in the first seven days. The severity of the infection can also be decreased if the affected person and also the people around the infected person are all careful and practice frequent hand washing. This is because the bacteria that are present in the hand can be washed away when adequate hygiene is maintained.

These are the various factors that play a major role in the duration for which the pink eye is contagious. One cannot really decide on the exact duration, because the condition and severity in one person varies from the condition and severity in another person.

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