How Long Does It Take To Grill Chicken Breast

Chicken is difficult to cook well. If you overcook it, you will have dry, hard meat. If you under cook it, it’s too dangerous to serve it to anyone. Grilling chicken breasts can be tricky sometimes especially if you don’t have any experience grilling chicken before but I think with the help of a few tips and techniques, you’ll have an idea how to turn your chicken look and taste delicious. Timing is very essential in grilling chicken breast especially if you want it to be fully cooked and tenderly delicious.

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Cooking time may vary depending on the temperature of the chicken itself and the grill, the thickness and the size of the chicken breasts and weather conditions may also affect your results if you’re cooking outside.

The thicker the chicken, the longer the time required for fully cooking it. Leaving the skin on the chicken would be better too because the skin holds a huge deal of flavor and it also helps the moisture of the chicken meat. You can also remove it after grilling if you want of course. So with the grill hot, it’s preferable to put the chicken breast over to the hottest area on the grill.

Usually, you grill the chicken for about 8 minutes before turning it to the other side but if the chicken breast is thicker, it should take about 12-15 minutes. You should make sure the when you flip the chicken over; it should have black grill marks. Between those marks, you’ll usually see white meat with no pink complexion. When grilling it, look for the sides to turn white around the edge of the breast. This indicates that the bottom side of the chicken is close to getting done. You only have to flip it once and remember to leave off the grill. You must also at least test the breast juices. It’s important for the juice to look clear, not bloody or pinkish when done.

You should also remember that it’s better to grill larger chicken breast than the small ones. But if you still want to cook the small ones, you can put those on the side of the grill. If you’re going to use some sauce as coating for the chicken, it’s best to apply it after the grilling is done and keep in mind that you should let it cook for about a minute for so to set the sauce.

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