How Long Does It Take For A Chicken Egg To Hatch

Ever since human got the ability to breed animal for their own needs, chicken has been the one of the most popular animals you can find in breeding ground. Dating from as far back as 2000 years, human has begun to breed chicken. This is due to the less complication in breeding chicken as the chicken laid eggs nearly every day and it is very easy to control the chickens. Chicken’s meat is one of the main source of protein to human for so long, while eggs contains plenty of minerals needed by the body. If you are planning to breed chicken, you will try to hatch the chicken egg so that you will have more chickens and you will be able to sell them for profit but exactly how long does it take for a chicken egg to hatch?

The time of nature for chicken eggs to hatch would be 21 days under the correct conditions of temperature and for at least 3 times a day, the egg must be rotated to prevent the developing embryo from sticking to the inside of the egg. In natural, the hen will do this as well when she is hatching her eggs.

The best time to start raising chickens would be in springs as it is the time of nature where the hens will lay most of the eggs and it will have enough time for the chicks to reach maturity in order to survive the winter. Chickens in the wild will not lay many eggs as they will concentrate on hatching their eggs instead. When the chicken are trying to hatch their own eggs they will sit on their nest and will not lay anymore eggs as she will hatch the eggs first. Some breeder will slaughter these chickens because they are not a good breeder as they do not lay eggs everyday.

In order to get your chicken to hatch it’s own eggs, the chicken must imprisoned on the nest with a cage in order to keep it in place but it should not leave the nest. If your chickens are able to hatch her own chicks, she will raise the chicken by her own and be extremely protective towards the chicks.

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