How Long Does A Cut Take To Heal

A person’s healing agent differs from one another, therefore it has no definite answer. Some take several days and some even a few years. The condition of the cut is also another factor that contribute to the healing process. If a cut is taken care from the beginning, the healing process can be greatly improved and it will take shorter time to heal. Human body has a natural healing agent in the blood platelets that will form a scab and protect the internal part from infections.

Here is the several factors that affect the healing time:

i) Size of the cut: yes, size does matter. Smaller cuts heal faster than larger cuts because the natural healing agent from our body will take shorter time to dry up and form a scab faster. Where else a deep or wide cut will be harder for the natural healing agent in our body to “stitch up” the cut.

ii) Type of the cut: a scrape kind of cuts will heal faster while those cuts that require stitches will take much longer time to heal.

iii) Infections: If a cut is infected it will take a very long time to heal and in the worse situation, it will make the cut wider and more serious. Keep the cut clean at all times and use antibiotic to clean the cuts.

iv) Age: The older you get the slower your natural healing agent are. Which explains why children’s cut heals faster than adults or older people.

v) Health: If you have health issue, your cuts will tend to heal slowly. People with chronic disease such as diabetes are known to take a long time before their cut will be fully healed.

vii) Location of the cut: if your cut is located at your joint area where you have to move it very often, it will irritates the cut and the time taken to heal will be much longer.

v) Blood circulation: Some people have a certain health issue, which cause their blood circulation to be slower than the others. For people with such condition, it is best that you exercise to increase the blood circulations. Yoga will help as well.

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