How Long Do You Live With Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Liver is one of the most important organ among all in human’s body. It has natural job to control infections, to make proteins that regulate blood clotting, and removing bacteria and toxins from the blood. How long can you live with Cirrhosis of the liver? When a condition called cirrhosis inflicts, the liver will start to malfunctions and starts to deteriorate.

In the United States, Cirrhosis is the twelfth most murderous disease and it affects more men than women.
Since cirrhosis is a condition that impairing liver’s ability, it progress really slow, depending on several factors like diets and alcohol consumptions.

If you are diagnosed with cirrhosis, your survival rate depends on your diet, your health and lifestyle. If a person who is diagnosed with cirrhosis leads a healthy lifestyle along with a healthy diet, the symptoms may not develop and that person will be able to have a normal lifespan.

However, if a person is an alcoholic and does not stop drinking, the chance of surviving cirrhosis will be more likely less than 5 years. Three quarters of people who are diagnosed with hepatitis B or C along with cirrhosis tend to survive the condition for more than 5 years.

A treatment in the hospital will be needed to improve the survival rate of person with such situation. They are also encouraged not to consume any alcohol or illicit substances that will cause the liver damage to worsen of. Before taking any vitamins and medications, a doctor should be consulted to prevent the condition from getting worse.

As cirrhosis progresses, a few symptoms may occur, ranging from loss of appetite, vomiting, fatigue and weight loss. When the symptom occurs, the survival time of a person diagnosed with cirrhosis declines greatly. When the situation got worse the patient will require a liver transplant.

The story of people who survived cirrhosis can be found easily on the web. What more important is that the treatment that they go through. The patient will have to go through a challenging treatment and tight diets. If the treatment is successful on the early stage, people with cirrhosis are able to continue living a normal life span and may beat the condition if they go on leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding alcohol.

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