How Long Do You Grill Asparagus

Asparagus does not take very long to cook on the grill. For a little crunch, grill asparagus for about four to five minutes and for a softer texture grill a little longer. Prepare the asparagus first. Wash and dry asparagus well. Trim the ends of the spear to remove the harder whitish portions. Select medium to large pieces of asparagus for grilling. Small pieces tend to slip in between the grill and tend to get limp after a few minutes of cooking.

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Select fresh bright green stalks of asparagus for cooking. Break the asparagus to check for freshness, it should “snap” when broken from the end and not be limp. When you trim the end, check the ends to make sure that the stem is juicy. Wrap asparagus in a wet towel to store in the fridge or store in a pitcher with a little water.

Wipe the grill and wipe with oil. Brush olive oil, and sprinkle salt and pepper on the asparagus and add to the grill. Flip over when you see grill marks on one side and do the same for the other side. You can also use a marinade to add more flavour. Sprinkle a little olive oil or butter along with garlic and dry herbs like thyme and oregano or any of your choice on the asparagus before grilling. Rub lightly and keep on a piece of foil.

Place the asparagus horizontally on the grates and cook over medium heat till done. Do not cook over direct heat for long otherwise the spears tend to burn on the outside and remain uncooked inside.

You can also steam asparagus on the grill. Add butter and seasoning and wrap the asparagus in foil. Keep it on the grill to steam. Cook on indirect heat for four to six minutes for firmer asparagus and seven to nine minutes for softer asparagus. Do not over cook the asparagus otherwise it becomes mushy. Let it cool for a few minutes before serving. Cut into it and test for doneness. Keep it a little underdone if you want a crisper texture.

Grilled asparagus works well as a side dish with meat and chicken. Sprinkle a little cheese over hot asparagus for more flavour. If you want to make a fancier dish, wrap each spear of asparagus in a slice of bacon and grill it. The flavour of the grill and fat from the bacon adds a special something to this vegetable.

Recommended: Official Secret Restaurant Recipes Yummy! Delicious!

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